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Abbott, Megan
"Bury Me Deep"

Adams, Clifton
"Amos Flagg - High Gun" (as Clay Randall)
"Amos Flagg Rides Out" (as Clay Randall)
"The Desperado"
"Lawman" (as Clay Randall)
"A Noose for the Desperado"

Ardai, Charles

Atkins, Ace
"Devil's Garden"

Atwood, Russell
"East of A"

Avallone, Michael,
"Open Season on Cops" and "The Arabella Nude"

Bloch, Robert
"The Scarf"

Block, Lawrence
"After the First Death"
"A Drop of the Hard Stuff"
"Getting Off"

Bogdanovich, Peter
"Allan Dwan: The Last Pioneer"

Brewer, Gil
"13 French Street"
"77 Rue Paradis"
"Flight to Darkness"
"Some Must Die"

Brown, Fredric
"Before She Kills"
"Carnival of Crime"
"Homicide Sanitarium"
"Night of the Jabberwock"
"Nightmare in Darkness"

Bruen, Ken
"The Guards"
"The Killing of the Tinkers"
"Tower" (with Reed Farrel Coleman)

Burnett, W.R.
"It's Always Four O'Clock/Iron Man"
"Stretch Dawson"

Caspary, Vera

Castle, Frank
"Dakota Boomtown"

Colby, Robert
"The Captain Must Die"

Coleman, Reed Farrel
"Tower" (with Ken Bruen)
"Walking the Perfect Square"

Collins, Max Allan
"The Consummata" (with Mickey Spillane)
"Quarry's Ex"

Cook, Will
"Guns of North Texas"

Crider, Bill
"Damn Near Dead 2: Live Noir or Die Trying"

Davis, Jada M.
"One for Hell"

Dean, Dudley
"The Man From Riondo"

DeRosso, H.A.
"The Executioner"

Diggle, Andy

Evans, Jon
"The Executor" (with Andrea Mutti)

Fleischman, A.S.
"Danger in Paradise/Malay Woman"

Fritz, Leonard,
"In Nine Kinds of Pain"

Gabrych, Andersen
"Fogtown" (with Brad Rader)

Gage, Christos N.
"Area 10" (with Chris Samnee)

Garfield, Brian
"Death Sentence"
"Death Wish"
"Gun Down"
"Justice at Spanish Flat"
"The Night it Rained Bullets" (as Brian Wynne)
"The Threepersons Hunt"
"What of Terry Conniston?"

Gerald, Marc
"Murder Plus"

Gilman, George G.
"Edge #2: Ten Grand"

Goldberg, Lee
"The Dead Man: Face of Evil" (with William Rabkin)

Goodis, David
"The Burglar"
"Fire in the Flesh"
"Night Squad"
"Of Missing Persons"
"Of Tender Sin"

Gorman, Ed
"Bad Moon Rising"
"Blood Game"
"Cast in Dark Waters" (with Tom Piccirilli)
"Dark Trail"
"The Day the Music Died"
"Death Ground"
"Everybody's Somebody's Fool"
"Guild and the Indian Woman"
"Noir 13"
"Rough Cut"
"The Midnight Room"
"Murder on the Aisle"
"Save the Last Dance for Me"
"The Sharpshooter"
"Ticket to Ride"
"Wake Up Little Susie"
"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"
"Wolf Moon"

Goulart, Ron
"The Avenger #27: The Purple Zombie" (as Kenneth Robeson)

Grainger, Edward A. (David Cranmer)

Gran, Sara

Gray, Jack
"Nudist Gym Death Riddle"

Grove, Walt
"The Deep, Deep Secret"

Gruber, Frank
"Fort Starvation"

Hamilton, Donald
"Iron Men and Silver Stars"
"Texas Fever"

Hammett, Dashiell
"Nightmare Town"

Hatten, Homer
"Horsemen From Hell"

Heffernan, William
"The Dinosaur Club"

Hendricks, Vicki
"Cruel Poetry"
"Florida Gothic Stories"
"Iguana Love"
"Miami Purity"
"Sky Blues"

Henry, Alan
"Wagon Train Woman"

Heuman, William
"Red Runs the River"

Hinkson, Jake
"The Posthumous Man"

Hitt, Orrie
"The Cheaters / Dial "M" For Man"
"I'll Call Every Monday"
"Unfaithful Wives"

Jessup, Richard
"Day of the Gun" (as Richard Telfair)
"Wyoming Jones" (as Richard Telfair)

Johnson, Mat
"Dark Rain"

Keene, Day
"Dead Dolls Don't Talk / Hunt the Killer / Too Hot to Hold
"Homicidal Lady"
"It's a Sin to Kill"
"To Kiss, or Kill"

Knight, Eric (Richard Hallas)
"You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up"

Latimer, Jonathan
"Red Gardenias"

Leonard, Elmore
"Forty Lashes Less One"

Locke, Attica
"The Cutting Season"

Lovisi, Gary

Lowrance, Heath
"The Axeman of Storyville"
"The Bastard Hand"
"Miles to Little Ridge"

MacDonald, John D.
"Cry Fast, Cry Hard"

Macdonald, Ross
"On Crime Writing"

MacKenzie, Donald
"Raven Settles a Score"

Martin, Jack
"The Tarnished Star"

McBain, Ed
"So Nude, So Dead"

Milligan, Peter
"The Bronx Kill" (with James Romberger)

Mina, Denise
"A Sickness in the Family"

Muller, Marcia
"Edwin of the Iron Shoes"

O'Keefe, Chap
"Doomsday Mesa"
"Misfit Lil Cheats the Hangrope"

Oliver, Simon
"Noche Roja" (with Jason Latour)

Olsen, T.V.

Packer, Vin
"Dark Intruder"
"Spring Fire"
"The Twisted Ones"
"Whisper His Sin"

Patten, Lewis B.
"Home is the Outlaw"
"The Odds Against Circle L"

Pelecanos, George
"A Firing Offense"
"The Way Home"

Piccirilli, Tom
"Cast in Dark Waters" (with Ed Gorman)
"The Last Deep Breath"
"Shadow Season"

Portis, Charles
"True Grit"

Powell, Talmage
"The Cage"
"Jury of One"
Six Stories

Prather, Richard
"The Cockeyed Corpse"
"Have Gat – Will Travel"
"Lie Down, Killer"

Pronzini, Bill
"The Gallows Land"

Rabe, Peter
"Dig My Grave Deep"
"Kill the Boss Good-By"
"The Silent Wall / The Return of Marvin Palaver"
"Stop This Man!"

Reasoner, James
"Draw: The Greatest Gunfights of the American West"
"Old Times' Sake"
"Stark's Justice"
"Terran Girls Make Wonderful Wives"
"Texas Wind"

Rice, Craig
"Trial by Fury"
"Who Was that Lady? Craig Rice: The Queen of Screwball Mystery" by Jeffrey Marks

Rogers, Joel Townsley
"The Red Right Hand"

Roscoe, Mike
"Riddle Me This"

Sallis, James
"Difficult Lives"
"What You Have Left"

Sanderson, Douglas
"Night of the Horns" and "Cry Wolfram"

Schaefer, Jack
"First Blood"

Sedgwick, Icy
"The Guns of Retribution"

Silver, Charles
"The Western Film"

Silverberg, Robert
"Gang Girl / Sex Bum" (as Don Elliott)

Siodmak, Curt
"Donovan's Brain"

Smith, Anthony Neil
"The Drummer"

So, Gerald
"The Lineup #4"

Spillane, Mickey
"The Consummata" (with Max Allan Collins)
"The Girl Hunters"

Starr, Jason
"The Chill"
"Fake I.D."
"The Follower"

Steinbeck, John
"East of Eden"

Sterling, Stewart
"The Hotel Murders"

Straub, Peter
"The Green Woman" (with Michael Easton)

Sturgeon, Theodore
"The Rare Breed"

Swierczynski, Duane
"Expiration Date"
"Hell and Gone"

Taylor, Valerie
"The Girls in 3-B"

Thompson, Jim
"Bad Boy"
“The Flaw in the System”
"The Golden Gizmo"

Torres, Tereska
"Women's Barracks"

Trinian, John
"North Beach Girl" and "Scandal on the Sand"

Villatoro, Marcos M.
"A Venom Beneath the Skin"

Ward, Jonas
"The Name's Buchanan" (William Ard)
"Buchanan on the Prod" (Robert Silverberg)

Westlake, Donald
"The Jugger" (as Richard Stark)

Whittington, Harry
"Desert Stake-Out"
"Fires That Destory"
"Mourn the Hangman"
"Prairie Raiders"
“Scream-Proof Paradise”
"Shadow at Noon" (as Harry White)
"To Find Cora; Like Mink Like Murder; Body and Passion"
"Trouble Rides Tall"

Willeford, Charles

Williams, Charles
"The Long Saturday Night"
"The Strike"

Woodrell, Daniel
"The Bayou Trilogy"

Woolrich, Cornell
"The Bride Wore Black"

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